Hello Hi, So have you all started blogging. If you all have started to blog for your website then It’s one of the great and the efficient way to start building traffic, this process helps in acquiring new customers and the clients and this also sometimes helps in developing brand awareness. Unless your articles are ranking well in Google search, you’re not going to make much huge and extensive progress. Usually understanding SEO is critical to make your website presence stand out. To fulfill and to make it as one of the successful websites you need to implement some proven rules to boost your ranking in Google. Let us start from the basic.

There are some important techniques to be followed and to be maintained in the SEO they are

1. Optimization of the keywords

The first and most important part of your SEO strategy is to optimize the right keywords. We all know that the content and the keywords in the content are so important to attract the consumer and to increase the visibility of the page. For that, there are many procedures that you’ll need to conduct and undergo. There is some research before writing use the results as the basis for your content. Research well and select the words well and make the content good and attractive. Research well and decide which content is good and what way it could be made good and better.

2. Include the keyword in your title

The first and most basic way to optimize your content is to include the keywords in the title. The closer you place it at the beginning of the heading, the more likely it is to rank high in Google’s results. This would create curiosity among the consumers to read more and to learn more.

3. Attachment of attractive keywords

We all know that keyword stuffing is an old SEO technique that would not be suitable for the present scenario. You should definitely include the keywords a few times in your article but make sure that you do not load too many keywords in your articles. The number of times you include the keyword in the content is completely up to you. A more advanced technique for getting your articles is to rank well in Google. It is using Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. These are related terms and in most cases, Google uses to determine the quality and the breadth of the content that you’ve written.

4. Update frequently

To improve your article’s results in Google, you should update them frequently which is not a difficult task. The most important and all you need to do is to make a few updates to the WordPress post and must keep your blog updated with the content.

5. Include technical ranking factors

It's easy to notice the visible factors it helps to improve your rankings, there are other techniques to keep in mind, as well nowadays there are many strategies are there that will help your content to rank better. Nowadays you can boost your article’s ranking too using those techniques and the strategies.

6. Optimization of your images

Even in some cases if you have one or two images, you can easily optimize them for the excellent and for better SEO results. Before you upload an image, edit and change the file name to a keyword that’s relevant to your content in the blog. For alt text, just write a brief description that explains why the image is in relation to your article.

7. Improve your links

One of the best and efficient strategies for ranking with off-page SEO is the links that lead to each of your articles. There are a few different ways to improve your links, and each of them is valuable in the developmentation of the links. You can see exactly see how to improve your links (as well as a number of on-page SEO features) with many website SEO optimizer tools. It’s really a very huge way to gain momentum for your brand and to provide better content for your visitors. For the best experience and for the best user experience and the rankings we would recommend the implementation of adding the video, audio, pictures, and even special types of content. We consider it one of the best and an excellent method to create the best impression and the higher rankings among the clients and the people. In some cases, this is a helpful resource that increases Google rankings, which has built a lot of backlinks and will even generate ongoing traffic. This is considered as a huge opportunity to take advantage of, you should optimize your blog posts for voice as soon as possible.do this, you should include conversational keywords and phrases.

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