We all know that the blogs are the one which came in the initial stages of the technology. But we never knew how the early blogs were simply manually updated in the components of common Websites. The evolution of the electronic software tools aimed and facilitated in the production and in the maintenance of the Web articles which were posted in reverse chronological order. As and when we take writing the blog, the blog requires special requirements, writing blog posts requires an exclusive and innovative skill. The blog that you write must be interesting and it must keep your reader interested while writing the blog you must give more importance to the content and as well as to the structure of the sentence. You should think about the structure of your piece and must write appealing articles that are relevant to the content and the topic which you have chosen. You can also help your readers to grasp the core concept of a post by providing them the clear and accurate headings, subheadings and clear paragraphs. If people understand and like an article, there is no doubt that there would be much more inclined to link, share and tweet about it and this gives an extensive increase to your rankings automatically. So, if you want to improve your rankings, then at first you need to improve your writing skills at first and later on start to develop the site. Below there are few important and the necessary points to maintain the proper and the excellent content and these tips would create an automatic increase to the content.

Below we have listed a few suggestions follow them for the perfect and for the attractive blogs

1. Think before you write!

Think carefully about the message of your piece and make sure that what you have to express and what you must not express. Keep in mind that what you want to tell your readers and where to aim and which central question do you want to answer? What’s the purpose of your article? Start your post by creating a clear structure.

2. Use paragraphs

We all know that in most of the cases everybody uses paragraphs, in their blogs but not everybody uses them well, this is the main point to be noted. There should be some sort of logical reason and the meaning for starting a new paragraph. Each paragraph should have its own idea or subject related content to the blog. Ask yourself that what the main idea of each paragraph is and implement it well in the blog. Make sure that you are able to summarize the main idea in only one sentence so that it would give an effective message to the readers in a simple and in an effective way. If you need more sentences then you simply need to use more paragraphs.

3. Use attractive and informative headings

Usually, Headings are considered as a structure for the whole page. If you want people to find their way through your articles, then you should use the proper subheadings to lead people, in an effective way and should help them to scan your page to clarify the structure of your articles. Make sure that you use your keywords in some of the subheadings, but not in each and every one of them, as it will make the text clunky and unnatural, which will put people off reading further.

4. Use signal words

Signal words can sometimes help people to scan through your text and to grasp the main ideas. For the effective and for the good content one must use the signal words. The signal words should be original. The words must be effective and must be easily understandable so that the readers will instantly get a conclusion that will follow after words like ‘consequently’. Signal words are therefore very important to add to your sentence and to your structure to make your text effective.

5. Make it visible

Before publishing your post, make it visible for everyone, let someone else read it first. And later on, ask them whether they are able to understand the main concept of your post and invite them to correct any errors and opinions regarding the blogs. So that later it would not affect the reputation of the article.

6. Fix the length of your content

Make sure that your articles have a minimum of 300 words. Google likes long articles, however, if your article is too long then it would create a sort of uneasiness at some point, and the readers might find it difficult to proceed with the content. So fix a length and write an article for the great and the immense response of the readers.

7. Link to previous content

If you’ve already written content on the same topic as your current post, then state that so that so that it would be easy for the readers to go back previous and to grasp the information regarding the content related to the topic. As well as that, make sure that your link structure is also considered as important for your Google rank.

8. Add content regularly

If you’ve already written content on the same topic as your current post, then state that so that so that it would be easy for the readers to go back previous and to grasp the information regarding the content related to the topic. As well as that, make sure that your link structure is also considered as important for your Google rank.

9. Add content regularly

Regularly adding new blog posts to your website tells Google that your website is alive and is in use. If it’s not an active website, Google will crawl it less often, and this might negatively affect your rankings and it might in some cases create a negative impression for the readers. In some cases, there would be many people attracted to your blogs and the content. If you don’t upload the recent content on the blog then this might create a negative impression. But also make sure that you just don’t post the blog for the sake of posting. Make sure that your post is good and is ready to share a lot of information and high-quality content. Usually, start by selecting your targeted keywords and make use of the proper keywords because this is the most important aspect of the search term that you want people to find on this particular page. If you write an SEO-friendly blog post relatively then the plugin will indicate this with a green bullet. Note that not every dot has to be green for the overall SEO score to be “good”.

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