Voice search and digital assistants

Digital assistants in people's smartphones have been around for a while, but their accuracy has greatly improved over the last couple of years as the natural language that develops the search also improves. It's very much necessary and important to optimize for voice search, if you want to stay competitive.

Optimization for the natural language queries

We all know that the keywords are important. Fewer People are searching with disconnected individual keywords like "Barack Obama age" and more are asking with full questions like "How old is Barack Obama?" To optimize these features, think about the questions you want your website to surface for and search them to see how well you rank. Check whether you can produce Q&A-style content that will answer these types of queries. And also consider producing content with a slightly more conversational tone that will match the way that people are phrasing their queries.

Optimize for actions and apps

In most of the cases, people don't just ask questions to their digital assistants; they also give them commands, like "search for the perfect keyword and applications”. If you do have an app, then deep linking or app indexing will allow users to access it via search or their digital assistants. We all know that Apple has already provided SiriKit, which enables your iOS and watchOS apps to work with Siri – which is considered as an important move for the advent of Apple's HomePod.

Linkless link-building

This one might seem like a contradiction in terms, but let me explain. Link-building is still a valuable tactic for SEO: when we compare and take the recently looked study on enterprise SEO strategy we found that small businesses are particularly likely to benefit from link-building as an SEO strategy. But link-building for SEO also isn't as simple as we think and use.

Cultivate long-term relationships for quality backlinks

The enterprise SEO study that we mentioned earlier found that PR is by far the single most effective link-building tactic for businesses of all sizes (though for small businesses, guest blogging was also equally considered to be good).

Excellent outreach can allow you to build invaluable relationships with quality publications that aim to give your site a ton of referral authority. Even in some cases if you don't manage to score a backlink, a mention will go a long way. Search engines are increasingly able to associate mentions with brands, use them as a trust signal to determine a site's authority. So get along with your regular backlink monitoring and make sure that you focus on a web monitoring tool that can help you to keep track of your brand. Further focus on PR, brand awareness, and online reviews.

Mobile-first indexing

Google’s long-awaited mobile-first index is already being rolled out, so if you aren’t already mobile-first in your approach to SEO, you need to be in 2018. Mobile traffic (traffic on smartphones, tablets and similar devices) has already surpassed desktop traffic and is continuing to climb, which means that it’s a fair assumption that users who reach your site will be on a mobile device.

Being fast

Speed is of the essence in SEO regardless of the device used, but it's even more crucial on mobile, as mobile users are considerably less patient when waiting for sites to load. As the first point be sure to test for issues with your mobile site speed and be aware of the things that can bloat your site and slow it down.

Design for context

Google has been emphasizing for quite some time in its search quality evaluator guidelines that the mobile users should approach their searches with a radically different context to desktop users. While someone on a desktop computer is likely to be searching in a limited number of settings (in the office, at home or possibly in a café), mobile users can be anywhere. There are already subtle ways that can be accomplished, particularly with e-commerce websites.

Instant Apps or Progressive Web Apps

First of all, we all need to thank Google in the recent drive towards improving user experience on the mobile web. Brands now have several options for a streamlined, hyper-fast mobile app or site. If you're confident that your mobile site or app provides an optimum experience, then stick with what you have; but if you've been looking to upgrade, consider implementing any one of these options.

AI and machine learning

If 2017 enlightened us regarding one thing, it’s that the era of discrete, name-able Google algorithm updates are long gone. Google is increasing its use of AI and machine learning in its ranking algorithms. Google’s algorithms are no longer a set of clearly-defined rules set down by humans, but a constantly learning and fluctuating entity. This, of course, has thrown webmasters and SEOs into a spin about how, exactly, they can optimize for Artificial Intelligence. In this article, we have mentioned and have explored how you can optimize for specific trends that will be prominent in 2018, but there are also some general actions that you can take that will future-proof.

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