A major part of the mobile app development focuses on designing the user experience (UX) it leaves the users satisfied with the overall interactions. However, designers often forget that while they have been conducting the research, mapping flows and the testing interferences, users haven’t. Months of designing UX and UI may be mentioned for nothing if the users don’t know how to use the app.

This is where exactly the mobile onboarding comes into the play. For many users, they initial the interactions with the newly downloaded apps are not all positive. Sometimes they have the feel of the confusion and the frustrations set in because they have the difficulty in finding the app.

At this point the stage of the user journey, negative sentiments make an impact on the user’s willingness to use the app in the future. The goal behind the onboarding is to provide users with the good and the basic knowledge required to utilize the skills and to utilize the product to the full potential.

By incorporating a carefully designed onboarding process to your app, helps to save from the negative feelings of the confusions and the frustrations it also saves the app from being uninstalled.

This article helps to examine that how the implanting onboarding sequence into the app not only enhances the UX but it also helps to build the confidence and the trust with the users, fostering conversations and ongoing user helps in the engagement of the business.

What is Mobile App onboarding

Mobile app onboarding is designed in the series of the interactions which helps the users for the ease into the app experience. These interactions mentioned or stated can be simple and or as the complex of the series of the guided tasks that helps the users to set up the initial or the point out the critical UI elements. The main aim and the goal is to provide users with an overview of the benefits of the products. This makes them excited and makes them set up for the success sometimes you might even felt more familiar and that what to expect before the beginning using the product. This is the key to providing positive UX.

Types of onboarding

Benefits-oriented onboarding

This type of onboarding showcases the value of the app to the users, with the goal of encouraging the conversion. This approach to onboarding focuses on what the app does. This type of onboarding often includes the screens dedicated to the permission requests like accessing and sending the notifications.

Function-oriented onboarding

This app centers on the application user to the client how to utilize the application. The client will get ideas through the application with the correct directions in the best method and it helps to play the specific activities

Progressive Onboarding

Progressive onboarding shows the clients new data step by step and the way to explore through the application. The guidelines showed on the screen identify with a particular page the client is on making them gain proficiency with capacity as and when they investigate

How Onboarding Leads to Better User Experience

When the research was made widely on UX and the significant job it plays the achievement of your application. The frightening truth is that 21 percent of clients quit utilizing an application soon after one use. On the off chance that an application takes too long to even think about figuring out clients drop it. A client needs to locate the quick incentive in an application they additionally need to feel positive about utilizing the item and have certainty it will enable them to accomplish a particular objective. This is the reason it is so essential to establish a positive first connection. Here are three different ways successful client onboarding makes a positive first-time UX.

Consistent Transition

Onboarding improves the general UX of an application. As your first touch-point with a client, onboarding offers you the chance to give a once-over of all that they have to know. This is the place with the majority of the standard practices, and to accomplish explicit capacities. Similarly, as somebody would on the very beginning of another activity. By getting comfortable with the capacities, you guarantee the client has a smooth change from being another client to an expert. They are presently ready to viably utilize the application to accomplish the assignments they need, sometimes making them feel positive on utilizing the item. It's human instinct to return to what is natural to us, by making the elements of your application recognizable, you increment the odds a client will pick your application over another to finish. For this, a capacity situated style of onboarding is ideal.

Discover Immediate Value

Fruitful applications all make the thing in like manner: they advantage clients. Making an amazing UX includes building up a broad comprehension of the objective clients' lives. When clients download the application, they have to see the correct method in making it and utilizing it. By what method will this application help them satisfy their needs? By utilizing the advantages arranged onboarding strategy, for instance, you effectively show what the application does and what the client stands to pick up from utilizing it. In the event clients see the incentive in the item they are utilizing, it's almost certain they will appreciate utilizing it over.


Onboarding UX utilizes brain research to comprehend clients' objectives and inspirations so you can structure an encounter that causes them to continue how the item addresses their issues. application personalization is critical for every client to discover the importance in the application. From multiple points of view, onboarding can give the features that every client wants. Utilizing dynamic onboarding, guarantees you don't overpower the client with such a large number of capacities they perhaps aren't prepared to utilize or won't utilize. Rather, it exhibits new data as they bit by bit explore through the application. The directions identify with the particular page the client is on, enabling the client to learn as they investigate the application. This outcome in the client just getting what they need out of the application.

Last Thoughts

Portable application Onboarding is tied seeing every client's individual adventure toward achieving their objectives, and how your item can assist them with reaching their objectives all the more effectively. While dealing with the onboarding into the application system improves the general UX, The onboarding background itself, can't be inferior. Your onboarding UX should be very effective and must be good and it must try to and connect an individual. A profound comprehension of your objective clients' in-application standards of conduct is expected to accomplish this.

At last, the ultimate objective is to furnish your clients with a positive encounter from the minute they download the application, to the minute they accomplish their first objective. Onboarding is the only one which creates a positive encounter. And must check that client is happy with the item, giving a positive encounter, likewise helps your business. The individuals who have positive communications with an application are bound to return affecting key achievement measurements, for example, commitment, maintenance, and transformations.

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