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  • Above the Fold

    Above the Fold is defined as the SERP ranking on the first page that is visible without you having to scroll down. Everything that isn't visible immediately and requires scrolling is termed as Below the Fold.

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  • Alt Tags

    An Alt Tag is an HTML attribute that is applied to image tags so that it can provide a text alternative for all the search engines. They prove beneficial for users who are seeing a webpage on browsers that cannot process the images. In addition, integrating images to alt tags can get better search engine rankings for an ecommerce store.

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  • Analytics

    In the SEO domain, Analytics is known as Google Analytics. It is free, and its analytical tools can assist in SEO and Marketing purposes. It will track the traffic to your website.

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  • Audience Overview

    Google Analytics Audience Overview is a dashboard that gives a general overview of all your website users. As a function, it comprises of active users, demographics, locations and the such which can give the needed enlightenment on visitor engagement.

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  • Automated Bid

    As its name implies Automated Bid is a bidding strategy that will automatically set bids for the advertisements. Automated Bidding Strategies help in increasing site visits, visibility, and ultimately more conversions as well.

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