SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is the way for a website to get the best online traffic by being displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs)

Nowadays it is mandatory for enterprises to have a digital presence in order to survive and succeed. SEO allows people to find your website, where they use search engines to find something related to what you want to offer.

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo work on very simple logic. A user types a search query and the search engine combs through all its archive of web pages to display a web-page with results that are prioritized according to the original query. Thereby enterprises ought to understand how web pages are indexed and also how exactly ranking is prioritized.

SEO allows your website to be found organically, and this is the need of every enterprise. The logic here is that more users will visit your website if you rank higher. When your website is displayed at the top, the trust factor and new customer base keep growing.

If your website is not indexed and ranked in the SERPs, your enterprise won't survive for long.

Start your part of the work by brainstorming a reliable and an all-encompassing stratagem that will the search engines to find your website.


People viewing your website must be treated with engaging content. This content should tell them everything regarding your business and whether you are consistently maintaining your website as well. Failure to constantly update your content can cause your website ranking to drop.

It is based on the content of how a search engine will determine your website in terms of quality. Make sure that the User Experience is as well smooth.

The Search Engines will index a good web page that features captivating content like Copy, Videos, Images, etc.

(i) Homepage

Speaking of a website's home page, it is actually the most viewed section and it will tell if a user will travel further into your website to know about you. However, refrain from repeating the same info and don't cramp all the keywords in it as it will lead to negative consequences.

(ii) Product and/or Services Page

Develop separate pages for every product/service and ascertain to provide accurate details regarding the same. The user experience has to be such that it enthralls the people to move from the aforementioned pages to the checkout or contact page.

(iii) Knowledge Base

The website must provide 200% clarity on what your business is offering to your users/prospective ones as well. You can create a FAQ page and provide clear answers for typical questions which people will surely ask you regarding your business.

(iv) Blog

Another effective way to regularly publish good content is by uploading blogs. This can prove a good way to enthrall people to your website. There is also great potential in the form of backlinks where the website's blogs can be shared onto the user's social media accounts and websites.

Taking Authority

All the search engines will classify the websites based on authority and credibility. The aforementioned factors are associated with inbound links where these links will give importance equally to quantity and quality. The search engines will validate the authority of the websites linked with your site to validate credibility.

Link Building belongs to off-page SEO and it is that important if you want to be indexed and ranked well. These engines will need other websites to tell them that you can be 100% trusted so as to include your website in a SERP.

Some good methods for link building include Guest Posting, directories and requesting for backlinks.


Good content can lose its prominence if it doesn't feature the correct number of keywords at the right place. These keywords are words with which people can find you through the queries typed in the search engines.

Ensure to make use of keywords naturally and they should account for 2% of a page's content.

A good way to deal with the usage of keywords would be to classify your services/ products/ location as groups and then list all the keywords that come to your mind. Deal with this innovatively and think of special as well as non-competitive keywords. You can use some online keyword tool to understand the keywords which bring more traffic.

The best Keyword Research Tools feature the likes of KWFinder, SEMrush, and Serpstat. They suggest keywords related to your or your contender's URL. They help in providing keywords related to the traffic generated by them and also based on how often they are searched for.

Long-tail Keywords

Although everyone favors keywords that are popular, try to enhance your plans by opting for long-tail keywords. This category of keywords features a minimum of three words and generates more traffic.

Take a case where you have established a Chinese restaurant in Chennai. Some of your keyword options will feature



“Restaurant in Chennai”


“Chinese restaurant in Nungambakkam Toronto”

The first keyword will generate more traffic than the second and speaking of the second keyword it will generate more traffic than the final one. Speaking of the final one "Chinese restaurant in Nungambakkam Toronto", it will drive traffic which consists of people looking for an eatery just like yours.

It isn't wise to use a keyword like "Restaurant" in this case as the rankings will get worse and so will your conversion rate as well.

URL Structure

During the creation of a website, and whenever you develop a new web page, give prominence to the URL structure. This is because it can help the search engines to understand your content efficiently.

Whenever the search engine creates an index of web pages, it scans for URLs. Once a good one is found, the content on its page is scanned as well to make sure that it matches the URL.

The majority of websites automatically create a URL whenever a new page is created. Pay attention to every existing and new URL and ascertain that each one is optimized.

A good way to optimize URLs is to make it short and simple to read. Other effective methods would be like including the name of the page and not use any special characters.


People are prone to leave the website if there is only text everywhere. Include images in your page so that you can enthrall and make people love the website. If the images are tagged, then the search engines will prove to be very beneficial for your website. And give attractive names for the image rather than something like "image341.jpg". This will help search engines to index and rank the pictures in the same way as they would do for a web page. However, a lot of images or images with larger file sizes can prove to be detrimental to SEO.


Title Tags/Meta Tags

These tags are nothing but little pieces of data that share information to the search engines and are in most cases invisible to end-users.

A title tag is the title of a website that appears on the SERP. It must be within 70 characters and every page ought to have a distinct title tag. The tag must be simple enough to understand and this happens by featuring the company name and the main keyword in it

Meta tags help search engines to understand your content. It is a small paragraph that is featured below the hyperlink in the SERP.

Headline Tags

With the help of these types of tags, the page's content can be structured for the search engine to examine it clearly. The content is also made more simple to understand.

Some simple tips for headline tags include using the "h1" tag just once per page. The "h2" "h3" "h4" tags can be used in a sequential manner

Internal Tags

On close observation at the bottom of every blog post and webpage, there are a lot of words. These tags are known as internal tags and their role is to categorize the content and share the page's subject details to the search engine. Any number of tags can be included and there is no ranking. Newer tags which are not associated with the existing ones can be created. They help the users to find interesting content. The search engines will prioritize only the exhaustively tagged content over the other ones.

Website Performance

Although most of the enterprises focus only on good content, it is important to see how the website performs as well. This can also alter the search engine ranking. Search engines send users to a website that perform seamlessly and offer the best user experience.

Mobile Optimization

In the present timeline, the world is going more and more mobile. Thereby Search Engines have started using mobile optimization for ranking purposes. The website must enable such that it operates through smartphones as well.

Responsive design aids greatly to create the mobile equivalent of your website Tips for mobile optimization


Now that a mobile-friendly website is up and running, the next task is to make people find it. Search Engines are the best option but there are some Distribution methods which driving more traffic as well as helping in SEO.

Email Marketing will provide better outcomes when compared with traditional strategies. The emails must be easy to understand, and you can make the people enthralled by some offers or promotions.

Social channels can be utilized effectively as well. Put your time and resources to drive traffic into networks like say Facebook.

For all the SMBs (Small and Medium Business), a 350-500 word article have to be posted once a week. The blog can get content from the website onto your mailing list as well as the social channels.

Performance Analysis

Tracking the SEO performance will give insight into whether your strategy is effective or not. In order to measure the performance, the usage of tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console or SEO Quake will prove beneficial

Below listed are some things that need monitoring.


The complete work regarding SEO comprises of careful planning, hard work, and experience to turn it into a successful outcome.

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